Becoming an applicant

Listing in the IHO Disinfectant List is also possible for non-members of the IHO. All information regarding the requirements for listing products as well as instructions for application and the corresponding contract document can be found below and also on the IHO website.

IHO Disinfectant List

  • contains on the one hand a combination of effective disinfectants for animal husbandry and food production, food processing, food preparation and other institutional areas
  • contains on the other hand a composition of virus effective disinfectants in the application areas hand disinfection, surface disinfection, manual and mechanical instrument disinfection
  • was developed by IHO experts in the fields of healthcare and food production and processing
  • is based on effectiveness tests according to European standards (EN standards) takes into account methods validated at European level and validated by interlaboratory comparisons
  • is future-proof because the active ingredient data meet the requirements of the European Biocidal Products Regulation
  • is based on scientifically founded data and secured application instructions, for the correctness and proof of which the manufacturers/distributors bear their own responsibility
  • is quality assured because the inalienable manufacturer responsibility and product liability is handled responsibly by the manufacturers and requires the responsible and safety-oriented verification/testing of the effectiveness of the products by the manufacturer
  • gives the user the possibility to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of the products on the market simply and transparently provides the user with certainty about the efficacy of the preparations while at the same time providing reliable instructions for their use
  • gives the user the opportunity to save costs by using the product in the best possible way
  • is free of charge for users and thus contributes to cost containment


The manufacturers

  • accept and meet the objectives and requirements underlying the list
  • confirm this in the form of a binding contract


Inclusion in the IHO disinfectant list

Companies wishing to register products enter into a contract with the IHO. You will receive password-protected access data. For the listing in the IHO disinfectant list a mandatory annual fee is charged. The income resulting from this annual fee will be used to support the work of national and European standards committees and to finance day-to-day operations, among other things. The list will continue to be available to end users free of charge. Listing is also possible for non-members of the IHO.

  Contract IHO Disinfectant List